SOUNDBOX have a team of highly experienced engineers & music producers capable of turning your idea into a hit record. We have a team of producers who have signed to some of the biggest record labels on the globe and are behind some of the hit records you know and love. 

All of our services are 100% confidential and secure - you don't even need to tell us your real name, credentials or artist alias. We will simply produce the track and send you all of the files and off you go.

We offer all levels of engineering from ghost production to finishing off your track and making it into a hit record.


We do offer Ghost Production, however we always require at least 2 reference tracks and a clear idea of the style / genre of track you would like to get a complete understanding of your requirements. 

We can also provide high quality vocalists, mastering services & mixdowns on all our tracks.

We can also help you with getting your track signed to credible record labels via our label partners & connections. 


Have you started an idea that you know could be amazing but you are just not getting it to sound the best it could? Additional Production is when we take an idea and really bring it to life with additional production, mixdown & mastering.

Please note this is not ghost production and there is nothing wrong with it, we are just bringing your track up to the level it needs to be to be played in a club and help you pick up record label attention.

Examples of additional production are using better, more suitable samples, presets & mastering & mixdown technology we have in our studio to make it a 100% hit. 


Do you need a regular mixtape or radio show putting together with professional, seamless mixing for your listeners?

Are you always on the road touring or simply to busy to compile your mix?

We have all the technologies needed to create the highest quality mixtape / podcast you need.

All you need to do is send us the track listing & high quality WAV / MP3 tracks for the mix and we will deliver within 48 hours of payment. 


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